Zenit Pro/OBD



Zenit Pro/OBD A Perfect Software Driver Available in versions of 4, 6 and 8 cyl. Zennit Pro controller is available in two versions: standard and advanced (with OBD module). Zenit PRO was made out of the best components and it has a hermetic enclosure thatmeets the most restrictive sealing norms.

New Functions

  • 1. Moore precise compensations.
  • 2. New algorithm for gas injectors warm-up.
  • 3. Special, additional output for external devices control (e.g. emulators or relays).
  • 4. Greatly expanded integrated diagnostic system for control all the electric and electronic. Devices of the gas system.

Zenit Pro/OBD Zenit Pro/OBD Zenit Pro/OBD


Download:​ Zenit Pro/OBD Driver