Amphai Service was established in 1960. We started running our business with car maintenance and repairs. At the beginning, Amphai Service repaired and sold the spare port of JEEP only. Our main purpose was to be professional in solving all JEEP’s problems. During such period, we were so proud that our customers relied on our service.

In 2005, Thailand faced economic crisis with high energy cost and then caused higher gasoline price. Car users, both entrepreneur and personal car owners, had to carry higher transportation costs. From the situation, Mr. Thammarong Tanamphai, called “Khun Lek Amphai”, saw a business opportunity which could relief car users from high gasoline price problem. He considered the alternative energy that can be used for gasoline safely, receive acceptance, and widely used in Europe and America, which is gas. As a result, he started importing car’s gas equipment of Auto-Gaz Centrum brand from Poland, who is world professional in car gas installation with worldwide acceptance. Auto-Gaz Centrum relies on Sinsubkij Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Amphai service, and then assigns as a sole distributor in Thailand in the name of Auto-Gaz Centrum Thailand.

At present, Auto-Gaz Centrum Thailand has many service garages nationwide and also be one in top 5 leaders of car gas equipment in Thailand. With our professional and long experience, you can rely on our services in each step of your driving.